Drinks That Start With G

Glide into the world of “G” beverages – it’s a global gala of tastes! From the gingery zing of a Moscow Mule to the serene bliss of a Green Tea latte, each sip promises a unique story. Moreover, this curated collection isn’t just a random gathering; it’s a grand tour of flavors, each with its own heritage and charm.

Now, let’s grab a glass and get going. Gin and tonic, anyone? Classic, yet never cliché. Conversely, a German Glühwein offers a warm embrace on chilly evenings. Each gulp is a gateway to another culture, another world. So buckle up, we’re on a gratifying quest to quench your curiosity – and thirst – with the grandeur of “G”!

Drinks That Start With G

List Of Drinks That Start With G

Gazette Fizz

Step back in time with a Gazette Fizz, a classic that whispers of old newsrooms and the clinking of typewriters. Its effervescence comes alive as the bubbles rise, telling tales of citrus and fizz in a refreshing harmony. And then, surprise! A hint of sweetness sneaks in, winking at the palate with every sip.

George Washington’s Eggnog

Sip on history with George Washington’s Eggnog, a presidential potion with a revolutionary twist. This rich concoction, laced with brandy, rum, and a whisper of sherry, boasts a creamy texture that’s both bold and comforting. Indeed, it’s a toast to tradition, with a nod to the festive. For those who enjoy delving into the origins of their beverages, the journey can continue with a look at the Drinks That Start With F, where the ancestry of alcohol meets the alphabet.

Georgia Bulldog

Meet the Georgia Bulldog, a layered libation that barks with the sweetness of Southern nights. It’s a playful mix, where coffee liqueur tumbles with cream and cola, creating a frothy top. Drink in, and the effervescence tickles, a delightful contrast to the smooth underlayer.

Georgia Peach Drink

Bask in the warmth of a Georgia Peach Drink, where bourbon meets the sun-kissed blush of peach schnapps. Every gulp is a summer day encapsulated, a perfect blend of sweet and tart, with a kick that gently reminds you of its spirited roots.

Ghost Champagne Cocktail

Hauntingly elegant, the Ghost Champagne Cocktail shimmers with mystery. It’s a spectral sip, where Champagne’s crispness dances with the ethereal sweetness of a sugar cube. Each glass is a celebration, albeit with a phantom touch that lingers long after the last bubble pops.

Ghost Cocktail

The Ghost Cocktail drifts in with a silent, smooth allure. Vodka and melon liqueur merge, creating an almost supernatural hue. It’s a drink that commands a quiet respect, its simplicity masking an enigmatic depth of flavor that echoes in the empty glass. If your taste buds are intrigued by regional delights, don’t miss the chance to explore more with Drinks That Start With E, where each beverage tells a story of its locale.


Who you gonna call? The Ghostbuster, of course, a playful potion that’s no mere apparition. It’s a lively mix, where melon liqueur and Irish cream create a visual spectacle. A sip is all it takes to bust any specter of thirst, with a taste as spirited as its name.

Ghoulish Gothic Gibsons

Unveil the Ghoulish Gothic Gibsons, where intrigue and tradition meet. This twist on the classic Gibson martini is steeped in mystery, with onions skewered like relics of a forgotten ritual. Each sip is a plunge into a shadowy depth, where gin and vermouth whisper of ancient secrets.


Behold the Gibson, a martini’s cousin with a penchant for the peculiar. Its charm lies in the pickled onion garnish, an unexpected guest that adds a briny contrast to the smooth blend of gin and dry vermouth. It’s not just a drink; it’s a conversation starter.


The Gigola winks at the adventurous, a titillating blend of gin, bitter Campari, and a splash of club soda. It’s a refreshing interlude, one that dances between bitter and sweet, fizzing with life and a hint of the high seas.


Dive into the crisp, clean embrace of a Gimlet, a cocktail that cuts straight to the chase. Gin and lime juice in a duet of simplicity, yet the balance is an art form. It’s a sharp, refreshing number, with a tang that zests up the palate.

Gin and It

With the Gin and It, one finds a British classic that speaks of old clubs and leather armchairs. The “It” refers to Italian vermouth, a partner to gin that mellows the spirit’s juniper bite. Together, they’re a testament to the beauty of balance.

Gin & Wormwood

Venture into the herbaceous realms with Gin & Wormwood, a nod to the garden in every glass. This botanical brew, with its earthy undertones, invites contemplation. Each sip is a step through a dew-speckled herb garden at dawn.

Gin Rickey

Refreshing and unfussy, the Gin Rickey is summer’s answer to a parched throat. Gin, lime, and soda water mingle in a highball glass, a trinity of coolness. It’s effervescent, tart, and as straightforward as a midday sunbeam.

Gin Sidecar

The Gin Sidecar revs up the engine, a twist on a classic where gin steals the spotlight from brandy. It’s a jaunt on the palate, where citrus and spirit interlace, zipping along with a tangy sweetness that’s as lively as a ride down the Riviera.

Gin Toddy

Picture this – a hug in a mug. The Gin Toddy is simplicity draped in sophistication. Warm and soothing, it’s gin’s answer to the cold night’s plea for comfort. The twist of lemon, the spoonful of honey, all muddled with gin – it’s tradition redefined, each sip like a whisper of warmth in winter’s ear.

Glasnost Cocktail

As the name hints, the Glasnost Cocktail is a nod to openness. It’s vodka’s dance with dry vermouth, a splash of lime, and a hint of apricot brandy. This drink doesn’t just speak; it sings with a Soviet-era soul, yet, paradoxically, tastes of freedom. It’s a taste of history, with a citrus twist.


Step into Yuletide with Glogg, Scandinavia’s festive cheer in a cup. This mulled wine, laden with spices and spirits, is Christmas bottled up, then warmed to perfection. Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves – they’re all there, orchestrating a symphony of flavors that’s as cozy as it is complex.


Sweet and unassuming, the Goddaughter is the velvet glove of the cocktail world. It’s amaretto and vodka in a smooth alliance, softened further by a swirl of cream. Sip it, and find it’s like the gentlest whisper from a beloved relative – sweet, with just enough spirit to remind you it’s there.


The Godfather commands respect with its potent mix of scotch and amaretto. It’s a cocktail with a backbone, strong yet suavely sweet. Each sip carries the weight of a mob boss’s nod – it’s assertive, it’s smooth, and it certainly means business.


She’s elegant, she’s understated – the Godmother is the matriarch of simplicity. Vodka meets the almond kiss of amaretto; it’s a blend that speaks softly but carries a big stick. This drink doesn’t shout; it doesn’t have to. Its presence is felt with a quiet, powerful grace.


The Godson is a gentle embrace, a softening of edges with its marriage of amaretto and scotch, smoothed over with cream. Think of it as the Godfather’s more approachable kin, the one who smiles warmly and often, and whose company is always a creamy comfort.

Golden Glove

Slip on the Golden Glove, and feel the champion’s touch. It’s a citrusy clout of rum and vermouth, with just a dash of lemon to keep it on its toes. Sharp, snappy, yet with an underlying sweetness, this drink doesn’t just pack a punch – it’s a knockout.

Golf Cocktail Martini

The Golf Cocktail Martini is a leisurely stroll across the green in liquid form. It’s gin, vermouth, and a hint of orange bitters – a classic three-iron shot, straight and true. It’s the refreshment waiting at the nineteenth hole, a perfect score in a glass.

Grand Slam Drink

Game, set, match – the Grand Slam Drink is a trophy in itself. Tequila teams up with Southern Comfort, grenadine, and orange juice for a serve that’s bold and refreshing. It’s a rally of flavors, an ace that earns a cheer with every vibrant, sunset-hued glass.

Grape Nehi Shot

Relive childhood with an adult twist in the Grape Nehi Shot. It’s a playful pour of grape vodka, triple sec, and a splash of sour, a nostalgic nod that’s all grown up. It’s candy store meets cocktail hour, with a kick that’s as fun as it is fruity.


The Grasshopper is a leap into mint-chocolate bliss. With crème de cacao and crème de menthe, it’s like sipping on a liquid After Eight. This cocktail is a dessert disguised, a sweet treat that hops smoothly from the bar to the dinner party.

Green Ghost

Shrouded in mystery, the Green Ghost is a haunting mix of gin, Chartreuse, and lime juice. It glides through the glass, a specter with a zesty twist. Each gulp is an encounter with the spectral side of citrus, a boozy whisper that lingers long after the last sip.

Green Grinch Christmas Cocktail

Steal Christmas with the Green Grinch. It’s a mischievous concoction of melon liqueur, citrus vodka, and a dash of soda – festive, fizzy, and with just enough pucker to make your heart grow three sizes. Naughty or nice, this cocktail doesn’t judge; it simply delights.

Green Pasture Cocktail

Wander into a verdant field with the Green Pasture Cocktail. It’s a harmony of gin, mint, and cucumber, with a soft whisper of lime. This drink is a breath of fresh air, a sip of springtime, no matter the season. It’s where tranquility meets the tongue.


Chase the horizon with a Greyhound in hand. Vodka or gin? Pick your pace. Add grapefruit juice, and you’re racing toward a tart, tangy finish. It’s a cocktail that’s as brisk as a morning run, as refreshing as the wind in your hair. It’s not just a drink; it’s a dash to deliciousness.

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