Candies That Start With N

Navigating the sweet aisles, we often gloss over the nuances, the alphabetic journey of confectionery delights. Today, however, we pivot our attention to a particularly nifty letter — N. Candy names starting with ‘N’ are like hidden gems, often overshadowed but brimming with taste surprises. Each brings its own narrative, a unique concoction of flavors and textures that beg for exploration.

Now, let’s dive in, shall we? ‘N’ candies are not just treats; they’re experiences. From the nutty to the nougat-filled, they embody diversity. Some have nostalgic undertones, whisking us back to childhood days with just one bite. Others? They’re newer kids on the block, innovating sweetness in ways our palates hadn’t even dreamed of. So, prepare for a journey through the ‘N’ of candy land, where each sweet is a story waiting to be told.

Candies That Start With N

List Of Candies That Start With N

Nature Valley Granola Bars

Embarking on a crunchy escapade, Nature Valley Granola Bars are a staple for the on-the-go snack lover. These bars meld oats, nuts, and honey into a symphony of texture and taste. Not just a treat, they’re a quick, satisfying bite that fuels your adventures, be it a morning rush or a mountain hike.

Nature’s Garden Trail Mix Snack Packs

Dive into Nature’s Garden Trail Mix Snack Packs for a whirlwind of flavors. Each pack is a treasure trove of nuts, fruits, and seeds. Perfect for those mid-day hunger pangs, they offer a delightful crunch, coupled with a healthful punch, that keeps you energized and satisfied.

Necco Wafers

Necco Wafers are a nostalgic journey in every roll. These classic, disc-shaped candies boast a variety of flavors, from wintergreen to lemon. Each wafer dissolves slowly, unraveling a subtle sweetness that’s been a favorite for generations. Truly, they’re a timeless confectionary masterpiece.

Nectar Candy

Nectar Candy, often a hidden gem in candy stores, is a burst of floral sweetness. Infused with the essence of nectar, these candies offer a unique, honey-like taste. It’s a delightful dance of flavors that brings a touch of spring, no matter the season.


Nerds are the quintessential quirky candy. Tiny, tangy, and crunchy, they come in an array of vibrant colors and flavors. Popping a handful of Nerds means embarking on a rollercoaster of sweetness and sourness, an exciting treat for those who love a playful bite.

Nerds Big Chewy

Scaling up the classic, Nerds Big Chewy takes the original formula and turns it into a more substantial, chewable delight. These candies juxtapose a crunchy shell with a soft, chewy center. A delightful contradiction, they’re a bolder, more satisfying take on the beloved original.

Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds Gummy Clusters are a fusion of textures that tantalize the taste buds. Combining gummy and crunchy, each bite is a delightful surprise. It’s like a mini party in your mouth, where tangy meets sweet in a harmonious blend.

Nerds Peach & Wild Berry

Take a fruity plunge with Nerds Peach & Wild Berry. This duo offers a refreshing twist with its bold, juicy flavors. The fusion of sweet peach and tangy wild berry creates a zesty, flavor-packed experience, making each tiny piece a delightful treat.

Nerds Rope

Nerds Rope is a playful twist on candy. It entwines a gummy, fruity string with the classic, crunchy Nerds. The result? A whimsical, fun-to-eat candy that’s as enjoyable to play with as it is to munch on, offering a multi-sensory delight.

Nestle Aero Chocolate Bars

Delve into the bubbly world of Nestle Aero Chocolate Bars. Its signature feature? The myriad of air bubbles trapped within smooth chocolate, creating a uniquely light and airy texture. This chocolate melts effortlessly in your mouth, offering a velvety, rich experience.

Nestle Butterfinger Bites

Nestle Butterfinger Bites pack all the peanut-buttery goodness of a classic Butterfinger into bite-sized delights. The perfect mix of crunchy and creamy, these bites are a convenient way to savor the unique, flaky texture and rich flavor that Butterfinger fans adore.

Nestle Chocolates

Nestle Chocolates are a vast sea of variety, catering to every chocolate lover’s desire. From rich, dark chocolate to creamy milk varieties, each piece is crafted to deliver a smooth, satisfying experience. It’s a brand that’s become synonymous with indulgent, quality chocolate.

Nestle Crunch

Nestle Crunch strikes the perfect balance between crispy and creamy. It’s a delightful blend of smooth milk chocolate and crispy rice, offering a satisfying ‘crunch’ in every bite. This bar is a go-to for those who love their chocolate with a playful twist.

Nestle Raisinets

Nestle Raisinets are a classic treat where simplicity meets elegance. Plump raisins drenched in luscious chocolate make for a delectable snack. They’re a perfect harmony of fruitiness and chocolatey bliss, great for movie nights or as a sweet pick-me-up.

Nestle Smarties

Colorful, cheerful, and charming, Nestle Smarties are more than just a candy. These candy-coated chocolate discs are a delight both visually and taste-wise. Each color, while aesthetically pleasing, unveils a smooth, chocolate core that’s universally loved.


Newblers are somewhat of an enigma in the candy world. These unique treats blend unusual flavors and textures, offering a fresh experience for the adventurous palate. They’re the kind of candy you reach for when ordinary just won’t do.

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles are a throwback to childhood days. These edible wax bottles filled with sweet, fruity syrup offer a fun, interactive candy experience. The joy is in the novelty – bite off the top, drink the syrup, and chew on the wax. It’s a unique, playful treat.

Nilla Wafers

Nilla Wafers, the unsung heroes of the cookie world, are simplicity at its finest. Their light, crispy texture and subtle vanilla flavor make them incredibly versatile. Perfect for snacking, layering in desserts, or just enjoying with a cup of tea, they’re a comforting classic.

Nips Coffee

For the coffee enthusiast, Nips Coffee candies are a dream. These hard candies encapsulate the rich, aromatic flavor of coffee in a small, savory package. Each piece is like a mini coffee break, offering a sweet escape for those moments when you need a little pick-me-up.

Nips Hard Candy

Nips Hard Candy is the epitome of rich, creamy confections. With a variety of flavors, each candy is a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience. They’re the perfect companion for a quiet moment, providing a slow, savory indulgence.

Nom Noms

Nom Noms are as fun to eat as they are to say. These delightful treats combine layers of flavors and textures, ensuring each bite is an adventure. They’re for the daring, the playful, and anyone looking to add a little excitement to their candy routine.


Nougat, the soft, chewy delight found in many a candy bar, stands splendidly on its own too. With its blend of whipped egg whites, honey, and nuts, it offers a texture and sweetness that’s hard to resist. It’s a traditional treat with a timeless appeal.

Nougat Montelimar

Steeped in tradition, Nougat Montelimar is a French confectionary gem. This particular nougat is known for its high almond and honey content, offering a rich, luxurious taste. It’s a sophisticated sweet that commands attention and savors slowly.

Nougatti Bar

The Nougatti Bar is a delightful blend of creamy nougat and rich caramel, all encased in smooth chocolate. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors that come together in a harmonious bar. Each bite is a comforting, indulgent experience, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


Nouget, often a variation of nougat, presents its own unique charm. Whether it’s packed with nuts, fruit, or dipped in chocolate, each nouget takes on a personality of its own. It’s a versatile, delightful treat that’s as diverse as it is delicious.

Now and Later

Now and Later candies are a testament to patience. These chewy little squares start hard but become rewardingly chewy as you savor them. They come in an assortment of flavors, ensuring a prolonged, tasty experience that evolves with time.

Now and Later Extreme Sour

Turning up the dial, Now and Later Extreme Sour packs a puckering punch. These are not for the faint of heart. Each bite is a bold, tangy adventure, a thrilling ride for those who love their candy with an intense, sour kick.


Nuggets might sound simple, but these little treats are anything but. They’re dense, bite-sized pieces of joy, often packed with nuts, chocolate, or other delights. Perfect for a quick snack, they offer a satisfying texture and a burst of flavor.

Num Nums

Num Nums are as delightful as their name suggests. These candies are all about fun and flavor. With a variety of shapes, colors, and tastes, they’re a whimsical addition to any candy collection, sure to bring a smile with every bite.

Nut Goodie

Nut Goodie is a classic for a reason. Combining nuts, nougat, and chocolate, it offers a satisfying crunch and a rich, layered taste. It’s a hearty treat, perfect for those moments when you’re craving something substantial and sweet.

Nut Goodie Bar

The Nut Goodie Bar takes the beloved elements of the Nut Goodie and presents them in a convenient bar form. Each piece is a perfect blend of crunchy nuts and smooth chocolate, a reliable pick-me-up that’s both comforting and delicious.

Nut Rageous

Nut Rageous is as bold as it sounds. Packed with peanuts, caramel, and chocolate, it’s a bar that’s not afraid to make a statement. Each bite is a dynamic mix of textures and flavors, a treat for those who like their candy loud and proud.


Nutbar is a straightforward delight. It’s all about the nuts, bound together with caramel or chocolate. It’s a dense, chewy treat that’s packed with flavor and energy, the perfect snack for anyone needing a quick, tasty boost.


Nutella, the beloved hazelnut spread, needs no introduction. Its creamy, rich taste has captured hearts worldwide. Spread it, bake with it, or enjoy it straight from the jar — it’s a versatile treat that turns any moment into something special. If you’re a fan of rich and creamy flavors, you might also enjoy the treats featured in Candies That Start With H, where each candy offers a unique taste experience.

Nutella & Go!

Nutella & Go! is your beloved hazelnut spread on the move. Paired with breadsticks or pretzels, it’s a convenient, portable snack that offers the creamy, chocolaty taste of Nutella wherever you are. It’s a fun, dip-able treat that’s perfect for on-the-go indulgence.

Nutella Bars

Nutella Bars transform the iconic spread into a handy bar form. Each piece encapsulates the rich, hazelnut flavor in a more solid, snackable shape. It’s the same beloved taste, reimagined for those moments when you need your Nutella fix in a more convenient package.

Nutella B-ready Wafer Bars

Nutella B-ready Wafer Bars offer a crispier take on the classic spread. Encased in a light wafer, the Nutella filling provides a delightful contrast of textures. It’s a quick, satisfying snack that brings a touch of joy to any part of your day.

Nutella Chocolate Spread

Nutella Chocolate Spread is a decadent, creamy concoction that’s become a staple in pantries around the world. Its blend of hazelnuts and cocoa creates a smooth, spreadable delight. Whether on toast, pancakes, or straight from the spoon, it’s a luxurious treat that elevates the ordinary.

Nutella Fudge

Indulge in the richness of Nutella Fudge, a dense, chocolaty treat with a hazelnut twist. Each piece is a bite of heaven, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience. It’s a sophisticated sweet, perfect for savoring slowly and thoroughly.

Nutella Sticks

Nutella Sticks are the perfect pick for the mobile muncher. These handy sticks come filled with the creamy, chocolaty goodness of Nutella, ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. They’re a fun, mess-free way to enjoy your favorite spread on the go.

Nutrageous Bar

The Nutrageous Bar is a riot of flavors and textures. Packed with peanuts, caramel, and Reese’s peanut butter, each bite is an intense, satisfying experience. It’s a bar for the bold, a treat that delivers a delicious, nutty punch.

Nutri Grain

Nutri Grain bars are the conscientious choice for those seeking a healthier snack. Made with whole grains and real fruit, they offer a soft, chewy texture and a sweet, satisfying taste. It’s a snack that feels as good as it tastes, fueling your day without the guilt.


Embark on a journey with Nutrine, a confection that’s as mysterious as it is delightful. Every piece is a treasure trove of sweetness, dense with flavors that dance on the tongue. Initially, it’s a mystery wrapped in a wrapper, but once unveiled, it promises an adventure in taste. Nutrine isn’t just a candy; it’s a portal to childhood memories and simpler times. So, indulge, let every bite take you back, and savor the sweetness that’s both comforting and intriguing.

Nutter Butter Bites

Dive into the mini world of Nutter Butter Bites, where peanut butter and cookie crunch reign supreme. These tiny titans pack a punch, offering a burst of nutty goodness in each bite-sized piece. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or sharing, they’re a whirlwind of taste that refuses to be ignored. Transitioning from one bite to the next, you’ll find each one as consistently delightful as the last. So, nibble away and let these little dynamos of flavor brighten your day!

Nutter Butter Cookies

Meet the classic Nutter Butter Cookies, the epitome of peanut butter perfection. Each cookie is a masterpiece, with its distinct peanut shape speaking volumes about the creamy, crunchy experience within. One part cookie, one part peanut butter, they come together in a symphony of taste that’s hard to resist. Whether dipped in milk or savored on their own, these cookies are a testament to the joy of simple, yet profound, pleasures in every crunch.

Nutty Bars

Step into the layered world of Nutty Bars, where wafer meets peanut butter in a delightful dance of textures. Each bar is a cascade of crispiness, generously coated with a layer of chocolate that adds just the right touch of sweetness. It’s a play of contrasts, from the first snap to the last, making every bite an exploration of flavor and form. So, unwrap the experience, let the layers reveal themselves, and discover why this treat has captured hearts and taste buds alike.

Nutty Butters

Embark on a flavorful odyssey with Nutty Butters, where the richness of butter merges with a tantalizing touch of nuts. These aren’t just cookies; they’re crafted experiences, each bite more inviting than the last. The texture is sublime, offering a crunch that softly yields to a melt-in-your-mouth finish. Perfect for pairing with your favorite tea or enjoyed solo, Nutty Butters are a testament to the art of the cookie, making each moment of indulgence a celebration of taste.

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