Candies That Start With R

Diving into the sweet universe, one letter at a time, today we’re exploring an often overlooked alphabetical niche: candies that start with ‘R’. It’s a journey of sugary discoveries, from retro classics to recent raves. Notably, these R-named treats offer more than just a trip down memory lane; they bring a blend of flavors, textures, and sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Remarkably, ‘R’ doesn’t just stand for ‘ravishing’ or ‘remarkable’, but also the ‘rhapsody’ in every bite. Each candy has its own quirky charm and story. So, let’s unravel this candy-coated conundrum together. Buckle up, sweet-tooth aficionados, for a rollercoaster ride through realms of raspberry ribbons, rum-infused chocolates, and rainbow arrays of sugary delights.

Candies That Start With R

List Of Candies That Start With R

Rain-Blo Pops

Delve into the delightful world of Rain-Blo Pops, where every lick is a colorful journey. Bursting with juicy flavors, these lollipops don’t just satisfy your sweet tooth; they paint your palate with a rainbow of tastes. Perfect for those moments when life needs a splash of color!

Rainbow Candy

Embark on a kaleidoscopic adventure with Rainbow Candy. Each piece is a tiny treasure, shimmering with potential and vibrant hues. It’s not just candy; it’s a celebration in your mouth, delivering bursts of joy with every bite. Indeed, life’s more fun with a bit of color!

Rainbow Nerds

Meet the tiny titans of tanginess, Rainbow Nerds. These little bursts of flavor pack a punch, offering a symphony of sweetness and sour in every handful. They’re not just a treat; they’re a thrilling ride for your taste buds, where every nibble is a new adventure!


Discover the classic charm of Raisinets, where rich chocolate and juicy raisins meet in a harmonious blend. Each bite is a sweet dance of textures and tastes, a reminder of simple pleasures and timeless flavors. Who knew sophistication could be so delicious?


Dive into the delightful unpredictability of Randoms. Every bag is a mystery, a mixed medley of shapes and flavors waiting to surprise you. It’s the perfect snack for those who love a little spontaneity in their sweets. After all, variety is the spice of life!


Rascals candies are the mischievous morsels that bring a playful twist to your snacking. With their unpredictable flavors and cheeky charm, they’re a reminder not to take life too seriously. Pop a Rascal, and let your inner child smile!

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

Indulge in the elegant embrace of Raspberry Chocolate Truffles, where velvety chocolate and tangy raspberry unite in a luxurious liaison. Each truffle is a whisper of romance for your taste buds, a sophisticated soiree of flavors that’s truly irresistible.

Raspberry Drops

Experience the pure joy of Raspberry Drops, little lozenges of love that burst with bright berry flavor. They’re like a sunny day for your senses, a sweet reminder of summer’s bounty. Pop one in, and let the bliss begin!

Raspberry Filled Chocolates

Revel in the luscious layers of Raspberry Filled Chocolates, a divine duet of flavors that’s meant to be savored. The rich chocolate shell and the zesty raspberry center create a symphony of sweetness. It’s not just candy; it’s a culinary caress.

Raspberry Gummies

Embark on a chewy journey with Raspberry Gummies, the squishy delights that dance on your tongue with bright berry notes. They’re not just gummies; they’re little moments of joy, waiting to lift your spirits and tickle your taste buds!

Raspberry Hard Candy

Unwrap the glossy gems of Raspberry Hard Candy, a classic treat that slowly unveils its tart and sweet essence. As it dissolves, it whispers tales of old-fashioned candy shops and simpler times. It’s not just a sweet; it’s a time capsule in your mouth.

Raspberry Jelly Beans

Dive into the delightful world of Raspberry Jelly Beans, where each bean is a burst of berry bliss. These tiny treats are perfect for picking and mixing or savoring solo. They’re not just candies; they’re your passport to a pocket-sized paradise!

Razzberry M&M’s

Meet the twist on a classic, Razzberry M&M’s, where the iconic candy shell encases a burst of berry brilliance. It’s a familiar friend with a surprising new dress, ready to add a zing to your snack time. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Razzberry Twizzlers

Twist your way into a tangy experience with Razzberry Twizzlers. These spirals of sweetness are your ticket to a playful nibble, perfect for peeling, twisting, or chomping whole. They’re not just a snack; they’re a fun-filled fruity escapade!


First, it’s candy; then, it’s gum! Razzles offer a magical transformation in your mouth, starting as a fruity sweet and morphing into a chewy treat. This two-in-one wonder is a blast from the past, ready to make your present moments a bit more fun.

Rc Cola

RC Cola might not be a candy, but it’s the sweet, fizzy companion that completes any candy feast. With its rich history and distinctive taste, it’s a soda that stands out in a sea of sameness. Pour a glass and enjoy the bubbly embrace of an American classic.


Assuming “Reces” refers to “Reese’s,” plunge into the peanut butter perfection of Reese’s. Whether it’s cups, pieces, or any of its various forms, this candy is all about the creamy, dreamy marriage of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s not just a treat; it’s an icon. For more iconic candy experiences, take a look at “Candies That Start With Q“.

Red Hots

Ignite your senses with Red Hots, the fiery cinnamon candies that pack a wallop of heat. Each tiny candy is a blaze of flavor, daring you to take the next bite. They’re not just sweets; they’re a bold challenge wrapped in a crimson coat.

Red Licorice

Twist, turn, and tug your way through the pliable strands of Red Licorice. This chewy classic is a staple in theaters and homes alike, known for its mildly sweet taste and endlessly fun form. It’s not just a snack; it’s part of the candy lover’s culture.

Red Swedish Fish

Swim in the sweet waters of Red Swedish Fish, the gummy delights that have hooked fans worldwide. With their unique flavor and chewy texture, these fish are a catch you won’t want to release. Dive in and let the current of taste carry you away!

Red Velvet Kit Kat

Indulge in the luxurious twist of Red Velvet Kit Kat, where the classic crispy wafer meets the rich, creamy decadence of red velvet cake. Each break is a dive into a new layer of flavor, blending cocoa’s comfort with a hint of something extraordinary. It’s not just a snack; it’s a slice of cake in a candy coat.

Red Vines

Entangle yourself in the sweet, twisty world of Red Vines. A companion to moviegoers and snack lovers, these licorice whips offer a chewy, mild taste that’s nostalgically delightful. They’re not just a treat; they’re a thread in the fabric of snacking history.


Assuming “Redvines” is a repeat of “Red Vines,” revisit the classic, chewy trails of Red Vines. Whether it’s a twist, a braid, or a simple strand, each piece invites you to savor a timeless flavor. Join the legion of fans who understand that some traditions are too tasty to let go.


Revisit the iconic Reese’s, where peanut butter and chocolate don’t just meet; they fall in love. Each cup is a mini marriage of sweet and savory, a blend that beckons with every bite. It’s not just candy; it’s a symbol of perfect pairings.


Assuming “Reeses” is a repeat of “Reese’s,” rekindle your love for Reese’s. Whether it’s the classic cups, the pieces, or any of its other delightful forms, this treat continues to capture hearts with its irresistible duo of flavors. Dive in and remember why it’s a favorite across the globe.

Reese’s Big Cup

Supercharge your snack time with Reese’s Big Cup, the hefty version of the classic favorite. With more peanut butter packed into every bite, it’s a dream for those who crave the extra oomph. It’s not just a larger cup; it’s a bigger burst of joy.

Reeses Cups

Assuming “Reeses Cups” is a repeat of “Reese’s Cups,” rediscover the joy of Reese’s Cups. Each circular treat is a harmonious blend of smooth chocolate and creamy peanut butter, a duo that dances delightfully on your taste buds. It’s the cup that cheers you up!

Reese’s Fast Break

Race into the rush of Reese’s Fast Break, the bar that combines layers of peanut butter and nougat beneath a milk chocolate coating. It’s a sprint of sweetness, a dash of delight, offering a quick escape into a world of flavor. Ready, set, indulge!

Reese’s Nutrageous

Delve into the daring depths of Reese’s Nutrageous, where peanuts, caramel, and Reese’s peanut butter collide in a bar of boldness. It’s a crunchy, creamy, chewy challenge to the mundane, a rebel in the realm of candy. Dare to unwrap the drama!

Reese’s Pieces

Embark on a colorful journey with Reese’s Pieces, the tiny, crunchy capsules of peanut butter bliss. Each piece is a dot of delight, a small symbol of how the simplest things can bring the most joy. They’re not just candies; they’re pieces of happiness.

Reese’s Sticks

Crunch into the layered delight of Reese’s Sticks, where wafers, peanut butter, and chocolate team up for a textural triumph. This treat isn’t just a snack; it’s a crispy, creamy journey through a land of contrasts, promising a satisfying snap with every bite.

Reese’s Take 5

Take a break with Reese’s Take 5, the bar that packs a quintet of tastes and textures into one incredible snack. Pretzels, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, and chocolate unite for a symphony of salty-sweet harmony. Pause your day for this palate-pleasing performance.

Reese’s Whipps

Float into the fluffy world of Reese’s Whipps, where light-as-air peanut butter fluff is enrobed in smooth chocolate. It’s a cloud of candy, a featherlight treat that defies the heaviness of ordinary snacks. Dive into this delicate delight and let it lift your spirits.

Reese’s White Chocolate Cups

Explore the lighter side of a classic with Reese’s White Chocolate Cups. The familiar, beloved peanut butter filling finds a new companion in sweet, creamy white chocolate. It’s a twist on tradition, a bright new take on a familiar favorite.


Unravel the sweet simplicity of Ribon, the candy that’s as fun to play with as it is to eat. Whether it’s fruit-flavored or sour, each strip promises a playful, tasty experience. It’s not just a snack; it’s a ribbon of joy ready to uncoil with flavor.

Ring Pops

Adorn your finger with a Ring Pop, the jewel of the candy world. Each pop is a wearable wonder, a fashion statement you can savor. Choose your flavor, slide it on, and enjoy the sweet life of candy luxury. It’s not just a treat; it’s an accessory with taste.

Ritter Sport Chocolate

Break into the square perfection of Ritter Sport Chocolate, where every bar promises a pocket of pleasure. With a variety of fillings encased in rich chocolate, each piece is a testament to quality and craft. It’s not just chocolate; it’s a sport of flavors.


Crunch into the almond delight of Roca, the buttercrunch toffee that’s been a sophisticated treat for generations. Wrapped in chocolate and nuts, each piece is a crunchy, creamy, and crispy marvel. It’s not just candy; it’s a classic confection of elegance.

Roca Thins

Savor the slender sophistication of Roca Thins, where the classic buttercrunch toffee you love comes in a delicate new form. It’s the same rich flavor and texture, now in a lighter, bite-sized piece. Indulge in the thin side of luxury.


Indulge in the golden glory of Rocher, the spherical sensation wrapped in gold. Each piece is a blend of creamy, nutty, and chocolaty layers, culminating in a whole hazelnut heart. Unwrap the sparkle and savor a confection that’s as luxurious as it is luscious.


Unleash your inner superstar with Rockstar, the candy that’s all about living life on the edge. With its bold flavors and electrifying colors, it’s not just a treat; it’s an attitude, a statement, a declaration of daring. Get ready to rock your taste buds!

Rocky Road Candy Bar

Venture down a deliciously bumpy path with the Rocky Road Candy Bar. Marshmallows, almonds, and chocolate pave the way for a journey of textures. Each bite is an adventure, a sweet trek through a landscape of flavors. It’s not just a bar; it’s an expedition.


Roll into the rich realm of Rolo, where caramel’s golden rivers are encased in milk chocolate domes. Unwrap the foil to reveal a procession of bite-sized pleasures, perfect for savoring slowly or sharing with friends. It’s not just candy; it’s a carousel of caramel.

Root Beer Barrels

Drift back to a nostalgic nook with Root Beer Barrels, the hard candies that capture the essence of the classic soda. Each barrel is a sip of history, a taste of yesteryear. They’re not just sweets; they’re tiny time machines to simpler, sweeter times.


Embrace the whimsical world of Runts, the fruit-shaped treasures with outsized flavor. Each little candy is a bite of boldness, an explosion of taste in a tiny package. They’re not just snacks; they’re miniature marvels of sweetness and zest.

Russell Stover Chocolate

Indulge in the refined richness of Russell Stover Chocolate, a brand synonymous with quality and tradition. Each piece is a testament to craft and care, a bite of bliss. Whether it’s in a box or a bar, it’s more than candy; it’s a piece of chocolate heritage.

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