Drinks That Start With E

Elixir or espresso, ever wondered how many beverages begin with an ‘E’? Well, I certainly have! On a lazy afternoon, while sipping my Earl Grey, my curious mind wandered. The myriad of drinks starting with this fifth alphabet is astounding. Now, I’ve embarked on a flavorful journey, exploring and penning down these enticing concoctions. So, buckle up. It’s time to navigate the exciting world of ‘E’ drinks. From the familiar to the exotic, each sip promises a story.

And, who knows? You might just discover your next favorite beverage. I mean, everyone has their cherished brew, right? For some, it’s the energizing essence of an espresso shot. Others might sway towards the tang of an Elderflower cordial. Regardless, it’s a thrilling exploration. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Drinks That Start With E

List Of Drinks That Start With E

Earl Grey Tea

Ever so classic. Earl Grey, with its Bergamot twist, feels like a warm hug on a brisk day. It’s sophistication in a cup, really. A timeless favorite. If you’re exploring drinks by alphabets, you might also be interested in Drinks That Start With A.

Early Autumn

As the leaves turn, Early Autumn sweeps in. A cocktail that captures the season’s essence. Think mellow tones, crisp air. Cheers to transition!

Egg Cream

No eggs. No cream. Surprise! A New York classic, this fizzy concoction combines milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup. Delightfully deceptive.


Christmas in a cup. Creamy, spiced, and optionally spiked. Memories of festive sweaters and family toasts. Oh, those nutmeg-dusted days.

El Diablo

Fiery name, tantalizing drink. Tequila dances with ginger here. Throw in some crème de cassis. Voila! Devilishly good. For more drink inspirations, check out Drinks That Start With B.

El Pepino

Freshness redefined. Cucumber, meet tequila. Add a splash of lime. Light, refreshing, and utterly captivating. Summer’s siren call.

El Presidente

Vintage flair. Rum-based and oh-so-smooth. Hints of orange and vermouth. It’s a classy throwback. Here’s to the good old days.

Elderflower Cordial

Nature’s nectar. Sweet, fragrant, utterly enchanting. Mix with water or prosecco. Floral delights ensue. Summer in a sip.

Electric Iced Tea

Zesty and vibrant! It’s your iced tea, but with a spirited kick. Colorful, bold, exhilarating. Cheers to charged moments.

Embassy Cocktail

An ambassador of flavors. Brandy, rum, and citrus make the pact. A union of sweet and tang. Diplomacy never tasted so good.

Emerald Isle

Green, dreamy, mysterious. Gin forms the base, crème de menthe brings the charm. It’s a Celtic journey. Every sip, an Irish lullaby.

Energy Drink

Need a boost? Enter the can of vigor. Fizzy, sweet, with that caffeine kick. Late-night studies, early morning runs. Always there.

English Breakfast Tea

Dawn’s best friend. Bold, robust, the very essence of mornings. Paired with toast, it’s quintessentially British. A timeless wake-up call.

English Rose

Delicate allure. Gin, apricot brandy, with a hint of vermouth. It’s fragrant, elegant. Think English gardens, soft sunlight. Pure romance.


Oh, the green-eyed cocktail. Fruity, refreshing, with a touch of mystery. Some secrets are better sipped. Go on, indulge.


Dark, intense, compelling. The heartbeat of mornings. Liquid gold in tiny cups. Those rich crema-topped moments. Pure passion.

Espresso Martini

Coffee meets cocktail. Vodka and espresso’s bold dance. Shaken, not stirred. Elegance and energy, merged. Night-out essential. If you’re on a quest to discover more beverages, don’t miss out on Drinks That Start With C.

Eucalyptus Martini

Exotic and invigorating. Gin, vermouth, and that unique eucalyptus twist. Aromatic, slightly medicinal. It’s an adventurous sip.

Eucalyptus Tea

Healing in a cup. Earthy, aromatic, with a hint of mint. For sore throats and quiet moments. Nature’s soothing embrace.


High-altitude freshness. From the heart of the French Alps. Crisp, pure, unparalleled. Hydration at its finest.


Drama in a glass. Bold, beautiful, just like its namesake. Layers of flavors, each telling a story. Here’s to powerful women and potent drinks.

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