Vegetables That Start With D

Diving into the world of vegetables, we often overlook the underrated ones that start with the letter ‘D’. It’s a delightful journey, truly. Daikon radishes, for instance, are a crunchy revelation in salads. Meanwhile, dandelion greens, often dismissed as mere weeds, bring a peppery zing to dishes.

Now, let’s talk dill. Not just an herb, but a green that elevates pickles and sauces. And don’t get me started on drumstick vegetables! Native to India, they’re a powerhouse of nutrition. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? The world of ‘D’ vegetables is vast, varied, and oh-so-delicious. Let’s explore it together, shall we?

Vegetables That Start With D

List Of Vegetables That Start With D

Daikon Radish

Crunch into a Daikon, feel its spark. It’s a radish, but not just any. Daikon, the long, white, and crispy underground marvel, originated from Southeast Asia. It’s mild, slightly sweet, and oh-so-versatile. Packed with vitamin C and aiding digestion, it’s the silent warrior in your salad, sushi, or stew.

Dandelion Greens

Once a pesky weed, now a green treasure. Dandelion greens challenge the palate, bring a bitter yet earthy grandeur to your plate. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and a spunky attitude, they cleanse your liver and spice up your meals. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. Speaking of green treasures, have you tried making a homemade fermented sriracha sauce? It could be the spicy twist you need to fully enjoy these greens!

Dock (Sorrel)

Dock, also known as sorrel, enters with a tang, a zesty whisper in culinary circles. Its sharp taste, an echo of wild greens, wakes up salads, soups, and sandwiches alike. High in fiber, vitamin C, and uniquely low in calories – a forgotten leaf, rediscovered.

Delicacy White Kohlrabi

Intrigue in a shape, the Delicacy White Kohlrabi. Not a regular guest, but when it arrives, it brings a sweet, nutty flavor. Think of it as a wild card in your diet, boasting nutrients that bolster immune health, all wrapped in a quirky green-white globe.

Dazzling Blue Kale

It’s kale, but with flair. Dazzling Blue stands out, rebels against the green crowd with violet veins. More than a color show, it houses antioxidants, fights inflammation, and throws a nutrient party with every crunchy bite. Blue, beautiful, and beneficial. If you’re into unique and beneficial plants, why not explore the benefits of sweet preserved kumquats? Their sweet and tangy flavor makes them a great addition to any diet.

Diamond Eggplant

Sleek, shiny, a jewel of the nightshades – meet the Diamond Eggplant. Beyond its glossy exterior lies a world of versatility. Grill it, bake it, or dip it, it’s a heart-friendly trove, teeming with fiber, and antioxidants. The diamond in the rough? Absolutely.

Dragon Carrot

Unearth the Dragon Carrot, a feast for the eyes and palate. Purple outside, orange heart inside, it’s a carnival of sweetness and nutrients. Beta-carotene? Loads of it. Vision, skin, and immune system, it champions them all. Here be dragons, in your garden!


Dill, the graceful feather in the herbal hat. It’s not loud, but oh, that distinct aroma, the subtle tanginess it lends to dishes! Beyond the pickles, it’s a calcium haven, an unsung hero in bone health. Fragile to look at, strong in presence.

Desiree Potatoes

The Desiree, a blushing beauty with red skin, creamy heart. A European darling, versatile and comforting, be it mashed, boiled, or roasted. Packed with vitamin C, B6, and minerals, it’s comfort food with a badge of health. Desire more, you should.

Dwarf Bok Choy

Petite but mighty, that’s Dwarf Bok Choy for you. Tender leaves, crisp stems, a gentle bitterness that complements its sweet nature. Stir-fry’s best friend, it’s a calcium, vitamin A powerhouse. Small plant, big benefits.

Drumstick (Moringa)

Meet the Drumstick tree, or as wellness enthusiasts call it, Moringa. Not your average greens, these pods make a nutritional bombshell. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and a hot favorite in exotic dishes. Drumroll for the drumstick, please!


Dulse dances with the tides, a red alga that graces the rocky shores. Dive into its chewy texture, briny taste, and dive deep into its health benefits. Thyroid-friendly iodine, potassium, and protein crash like waves with each serving. Sea’s secret, unlocked.

Detroit Dark Red Beet

The Detroit Dark Red Beet, a hearty, sweet offering from the soil. Don it in salads, juices, or bake it; its crimson hue is a canvas of antioxidants. Blood pressure, stamina, heart health – it’s a root of wellness.

Dolichos Bean (Hyacinth Bean)

Climb the trellis with Dolichos, the Hyacinth Bean. Purple pods, a reservoir of dietary fiber, zinc, and antioxidants. It’s a summer vine that asks you to think beyond the ordinary bean. Exotic, yet homely, it’s a duality in a pod.

Delicata Squash

Behold the Delicata, the squash that rings the bells of autumn. Creamy, striped, it’s a cornucopia of flavors without the peeling fuss. Vitamins, fibers, and a natural sweetness make it the darling of the season. Delicate? By name, not by nature.

Dinosaur Kale (Lacinato Kale)

Sturdy, dark, crinkled – the Dinosaur Kale roars health. It’s a calcium stronghold, a warrior against ailments, armed with vitamins galore. Ancient in lineage, robust in flavor, it’s a leafy green that’s withstood time.

Danvers Carrots

Crunch a Danvers, savor a legacy. It’s a carrot of heritage, a blast from 1871. Deep orange, rich in flavor, and beta-carotene, it’s a classic. Old is gold, and this root is proof.

Damson Plum

Small, tart, and enigmatic, the Damson Plum is a flirtation for your taste buds. Jams, jellies, and ancient tales of fruitfulness. Packed with vitamins, it’s a tiny powerhouse. Sweet, sour, and everything in between.


Blink, and you’ll miss the Daylily’s bloom. Edible, eclectic, and a splash of color that transcends beauty. Mildly sweet, it’s a potassium booster, a unique spin in your salad. A flower today, a feast tomorrow.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai, the female ginseng, a whisper of ancient Chinese medicine. A root of balance, it weaves through women’s health with grace. Blood health, fertility, a touch of mystique. Nature’s remedy, rekindled.

Dabberlocks (Alaria esculenta)

Ride the waves to Dabberlocks, brown algae beckoning from the deep. Nutritious, detoxifying, with a hint of oceanic zest. It’s not just seaweed; it’s a marine adventure on your plate. Dive in, before it drifts away.

De Cicco Broccoli

Green, speckled with Italian heritage, De Cicco is a broccoli like none other. Compact, nutrient-dense, it’s a regular on plates for reasons more than one. It’s the old-world charm, meeting modern wellness.


Durian, the king of fruits, notorious, beloved. A spiky exterior with a controversial charisma. Rich in nutrients, high in calories, it’s a tropical thrill. Pungent, custardy, and divisive in its reign.

Dutch Cabbage

Unroll the Dutch Cabbage, a leafy chronicle of health. Crunchy, peppery, a reliable resident of coleslaw. Vitamin C and K in abundance, it’s a shield in green. From the Netherlands, with love.

Dwarf Bean

Modest in stature, grand in deliverance, the Dwarf Bean. Quick to grow, eager to please, it’s a garden’s tiny delight. Protein, vitamins, and endless culinary possibilities. Small bean, colossal potential.

Double Yield Cucumber

Slice through a Double Yield, witness abundance. It’s a cucumber that promises more, in harvest, health, and taste. Hydration, skin health, and a subtle crunch. Double the yield, double the wellness.


Hidden in the wild, Dewberries await. Tiny, black, a juicy reward for the foragers. Antioxidants, vitamins, a wild spin to pies, and jams. Nature’s understated jewel.

Deep Water Cress

Plunge into health with Deep Water Cress. Peppery, vibrant, an aquatic gift. Iron, folate, and a peppering of antioxidants. It’s not just a garnish; it’s a leap of health.

Domenica Green Pepper

Savor the Mediterranean breeze with Domenica Green Pepper. Robust, flavorful, a culinary souvenir from Dominican gardens. Vitamin-rich, a calorie-poor addition that sparks up dishes. Green, glossy, and gourmet.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea

Linger in the sweetness of Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas. Snappy, sweet, and everything nice. A garden treasure, it’s low in calories, high in vitamins, fiber. Tiny pods, towering flavors.

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