Drinks That Start With T

Thirsty for a tantalizing tour through the world of ‘T’ beverages? You’re in the right spot! From traditional teas to trendy tipples, the drink dictionary dazzles with its diversity. Each sip tells a story, a fusion of flavors, history, and culture, wrapped up in a tantalizing title that begins with ‘T’.

But wait, there’s more! Imagine the tang of a Tamarind Margarita or the tranquility of Turkish tea. In this list, we’ll traverse the globe, uncovering drinks that not only tantalize your taste buds but also transport you to far-off lands. Get ready to toast to a treasure trove of ‘T’ beverages, each with its own unique twist and tale to tell.

Drinks That Start With T

List Of Drinks That Start With T

Take Me Out To The Ballgame (The Peanuts & Cracker Jack Cocktail)

A nostalgic nod to America’s favorite pastime, this cocktail combines the whimsy of a baseball game with a sophisticated twist. Infused with the essence of peanuts and the sweet crunch of Cracker Jack, it’s a playful yet refined drink. Perfect for game day or a unique evening soiree, it hits a home run in flavor and creativity. Sip, reminisce, and enjoy the game!

Tea and Tonic

Simple yet surprisingly elegant, the Tea and Tonic is a fusion of worlds. It marries the calming, aromatic qualities of tea with the crisp, refreshing notes of tonic water. Ideal for a serene afternoon or as a chic non-alcoholic option at parties. Each sip brings a gentle balance of flavors, ensuring a delightful and soothing experience.

Tennessee Tea

Immerse yourself in the heart of Southern comfort with the Tennessee Tea. This drink blends the smooth, rich flavors of whiskey with the sweetness of cola and a hint of lemon. It’s a beverage that speaks of tradition and warmth, perfect for sipping on a lazy porch swing or during a lively backyard gathering.

Thanksgiving Special Cocktail

Celebrate the flavors of fall with the Thanksgiving Special Cocktail. This concoction is a cornucopia of seasonal tastes, featuring pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s a heartwarming toast to family gatherings and festive cheer, encapsulating the essence of Thanksgiving in every glass.

Thanksgiving Toddy

Warm up your holiday celebrations with the Thanksgiving Toddy. This cozy drink combines the comforting flavors of apple cider and bourbon, accented with a touch of honey and spices. It’s the perfect companion for chilly evenings and intimate gatherings, offering warmth and joy in every sip.

The Thing

Step into the unknown with The Thing, a mysterious and intriguing cocktail. Its composition is a well-kept secret, often varying from bartender to bartender. However, one can always expect a surprising blend of flavors that tantalize the palate and spark conversation. It’s an adventure in a glass, meant for the bold and the curious.


The Thistle is an elegant, slightly bitter cocktail, often seen as the Scottish cousin to the Manhattan. Combining Scotch whisky with vermouth and a dash of bitters, it presents a robust yet balanced profile. Ideal for sipping slowly and savoring, this drink is a toast to sophistication and classic charm.

Tiki John’s Rum Runner Drink

Escape to a tropical paradise with Tiki John’s Rum Runner Drink. This vibrant concoction is a blend of rum, fruit juices, and a splash of grenadine. It’s a sun-soaked getaway in a glass, perfect for beach parties or when you’re simply dreaming of sandy shores and ocean breezes.


Tipperary is a tribute to Ireland, a harmonious blend of Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, and green Chartreuse. It’s a cocktail that balances earthy and sweet notes, reminiscent of the rolling hills and rich history of its namesake. Ideal for a reflective evening or a gathering of close friends.

Tipsy Turkey Pumpkin Roast Drink

Embrace the festive spirit with the Tipsy Turkey Pumpkin Roast Drink. This unique cocktail combines roasted pumpkin flavors with a hint of turkey, creating a surprisingly delightful savory-sweet mix. It’s a quirky, fun addition to any Thanksgiving table, guaranteed to spark conversation and smiles.

Titanic – Gale At Sea

Embark on a dramatic journey with the Titanic – Gale At Sea. This cocktail is a powerful blend of dark rum and stormy ginger beer, accented with a twist of lime. It’s a tumultuous, exciting drink, perfect for lively nights and tales of adventure on the high seas.

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a timeless classic, a refreshing mix of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and soda water. This cocktail is the epitome of simplicity meeting elegance. Perfect for a hot summer day or a casual gathering, it’s a staple that never goes out of style.


Dive into the depths of the Toronto, a cocktail that offers a rich, complex flavor profile. With Canadian whisky as its base, enhanced by Fernet-Branca and a hint of simple syrup, it’s a drink that speaks of quiet evenings and refined tastes. Savor it slowly, and let its layers of flavor unfold.

Toronto Maple Leaf Shot

Celebrate the spirit of Canada with the Toronto Maple Leaf Shot. This vibrant shot combines Canadian whisky with the sweet, iconic taste of maple syrup. It’s a quick, delightful tribute to Canadian heritage, perfect for patriotic celebrations or as a novel party starter.


Score big at your next sports gathering with the Touchdown. This energetic cocktail is a lively blend of vodka, orange juice, and a splash of grenadine. It’s the ideal drink for game days, offering a burst of energy and flavor to keep the spirits high and the cheers loud.

Transportation Club Cocktail

The Transportation Club Cocktail is a sophisticated, classic drink, often associated with the golden age of travel. Combining gin, vermouth, and a dash of bitters, it’s a nod to the luxury and elegance of old-world voyages. Perfect for themed parties or as an elegant evening sipper.

Turf Cocktail

Experience the old-world charm with the Turf Cocktail, a vintage gem that combines gin, vermouth, and a touch of absinthe. With its complex, herbaceous flavor profile, this cocktail transports you to another era, perfect for those who appreciate the art of classic mixology.

Turkey Day Themed Drinks

Embrace the essence of Thanksgiving with Turkey Day Themed Drinks. Each concoction in this category is a celebration of autumnal flavors – think cranberries, pumpkins, and spices. They’re the perfect accompaniments to your Thanksgiving feast, adding a touch of festivity and warmth to the holiday table.

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