Vegetables That Start With W

Wandering through the vibrant aisles of a farmer’s market, you might find yourself intrigued. What’s this? A vegetable that starts with a ‘W’? Indeed, the world of veggies is vast and varied. From watercress to wasabi, the options are delightfully perplexing.

Moreover, these ‘W’ vegetables bring a burst of flavors and textures to your plate. Watercress, with its peppery bite, contrasts the subtle sweetness of wax beans. So, let’s dive in and explore this unique, often overlooked, corner of the produce section.

Vegetables That Start With W

List Of Vegetables That Start With W


A fiery delight! Originating from Japan, wasabi is a taste synonymous with sushi. Spicy, isn’t it? It packs more than just a punch. Besides igniting your tastebuds, wasabi promotes digestion and combats harmful bacteria. Talk about fiery and fierce! Talk about fiery and fierce! If you’re interested in exploring more unique vegetables, check out these Vegetables That Start With D.

Water Chestnut

Crunch! That’s the sound of a fresh water chestnut. Often used in Asian dishes, they add a delightful crisp. Beyond the bite? These chestnuts are a hydration hero, rich in antioxidants and helpful for thyroid function. Dive in.

Water Caltrop

Shaped intriguingly like a bat, water caltrop makes its mark. Rare, yet unique. Often boiled and savored as a snack, this water veggie is a potent detox agent. Strengthening muscles, improving appetite, it’s a dark horse in the vegetable world.


Floating elegantly in water, watercress is more than a pretty face. Peppery in taste, sprinkled in salads, it’s refreshing. High in vitamins and minerals, this leafy wonder aids in bone health. Delicate but strong, nature’s beauty.

Wax Beans

Yellow, slender, and vibrant! Wax beans resemble green beans, but with flair. Steamed, sautéed, or roasted, they’re versatile. An excellent source of fiber and vitamins, these beans keep your heart happy. A burst of sunshine on your plate.

Welsh Onions

Deceptive by name, they’re not your typical onions. Resembling leeks, these onions are a chef’s dream. Crunchy and flavorful, they elevate dishes. Bonus: packed with vitamins, they boost immunity. Understated, but always noticed.

White Radish

Bright and white, the white radish graces many a salad. Crisp with a peppery kick, it’s a dance for your tastebuds. Moreover, it detoxifies, aids digestion, and cools your system. Beauty and benefits, all in one. For more intriguing vegetables, dive into the list of Vegetables That Start With E.

Wild Celery

A rarity in our modern diet, wild celery is the ancestor of the celery we know. Subtler, yet richer. Consumed for centuries, it’s revered for lowering blood pressure. Dive into history; it’s deliciously healthy.

Wild Garlic

Ah, the scent of wild garlic on a forest walk! Edible and aromatic, it’s a forager’s find. Mild, yet distinctive, it’s sprinkled in dishes. Rich in allicin, it’s nature’s antibiotic. Enigmatic and essential, both.

Winged Beans

Four corners, four delights. Winged beans, often grilled, are a tropical treat. Every part is edible – even the flowers. Bursting with protein, they’re nature’s nutritional powerhouse. Fly high with these beans.


The king of superfoods? Perhaps. Bright green, often juiced, wheatgrass is a wellness warrior. Chock-full of nutrients, it purifies and revitalizes. Detox, energy, and more, it’s a green dream.

White Asparagus

Elusive, tender, and cherished. White asparagus, shielded from sunlight, retains its pale hue. Grilled or blanched, it’s a seasonal sensation. Packed with antioxidants, it fights free radicals. A delicate delicacy with a side of health.

Winter Squash

Hard on the outside, sweet within. Winter squash warms our hearts in chilly seasons. Roasted, puréed, or stewed, it’s a versatile veggie. Brimming with vitamins, it’s eye and skin’s best friend. Cold days, warm dishes.

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