Drinks That Start With H

Hopping into the world of beverages, one doesn’t have to hop far to hit upon a hefty list of drinks starting with ‘H’. Hot or cold, sweet or bold, each one holds its own in the hustle of happy hour. Horchata hums with cinnamon sweetness, while a Harvey Wallbanger hits with a whisper of galliano.

However, the quest for quenchers is quirky. Herbal teas hover, offering solace in a steamy cup. Meanwhile, Hefeweizen hefts its wheaty heritage high, hailing from German hops. Each sip holds history, a harmonious blend of heritage and hearty enjoyment. Hold on, as we hitch a ride through the highlights of ‘H’ beverages—honest, this is no humdrum journey.

Drinks That Start With H

List Of Drinks That Start With H

Hair of the Dog

Embarking on the morning after with a bracing Hair of the Dog isn’t just a cure; it’s a ritual. Bold, often boozy, it’s a cocktail crafted to cut through the fog of a hangover. Each bartender twists it uniquely, yet the theme remains: rejuvenation, served up with a twist of irony and citrus. For those who prefer their morning-after remedies to be non-alcoholic, our Homemade Lavender Syrup offers a sweet and floral alternative to refresh and revive your senses.

Hairy Navel

Playful cousin to the Screwdriver, the Hairy Navel flirts with peach schnapps to add a fruity frolic to the mix. It’s cheeky, unapologetically sweet, and the perfect companion for sun-drenched afternoons. Simplicity sings here, with just a pour and a stir.

Hangman’s Blood

Don’t let the ominous name deceive you; Hangman’s Blood is a concoction of complexity. It’s a potent potpourri of spirits and beer, a British concoction that’s not for the faint of heart. Indeed, it’s a cocktail that packs a punch and then some.

Hanky Panky

A stirring mix of gin, sweet vermouth, and a dash of Fernet Branca, Hanky Panky is the epitome of classic cocktail sophistication. Created by a pioneering female bartender, Ada Coleman, it whispers of history with each spirited sip. A garnish of orange zest seals the deal.

Harlem Mugger

Bold as the name suggests, the Harlem Mugger brings a tinge of danger and a lot of flavors. With a rum base and a splash of fruit juice, it’s tropical, tantalizing, and tempestuous. It’s a drink with a narrative, best enjoyed when the sun dips low.

Harvey Wallbanger

Surf’s up with the Harvey Wallbanger, a laid-back, beachy blend that rides a wave of vodka, orange juice, and a surge of Galliano. It’s the epitome of ’70s cool, a drink that’s as much a statement as it is a refreshment. Float on, Harvey, float on.

Hawaiian Iced Tea

Aloha in a glass, the Hawaiian Iced Tea is summer’s answer to its Long Island ancestor. Swapping cola for pineapple juice, it’s lighter, brighter, and breezier. This one’s for sipping as the palm trees sway and the ocean whispers.


Turn the volume up with a Hi-Fi, a simple melody of vodka and orange juice. It’s the less-is-more member of the cocktail chorus, no frills but plenty of zest. Here’s to a drink that’s as straightforward as it is satisfying.


When it comes to classic cocktails, the Highball stands tall. Whiskey and ginger ale, a pair that dances without stepping on each other’s toes. It’s a high note of simplicity, a refreshing hum in a glass. Less truly is more.

Honey I’m Home

Home is where the Honey I’m Home cocktail awaits. A comforting concoction that melds whiskey with the sweet embrace of honey. It’s a warm welcome, a liquid hug after a long day. Every sip says, ‘relax, you’re back where you belong.’


Sweet and alluring, the Honeymoon cocktail is a romantic rendezvous in a glass. With apple brandy at its heart, kissed by Benedictine and citrus, it’s a testament to love’s sweet complexity. Toast to togetherness, to the night, to us.


A swift kick of spice, the Horsefeather brings rye whiskey together with ginger beer and a dash of bitters. It’s a refreshing romp, a lively gallop through flavors bold and bright. Saddle up for a spirited ride, no jockeying required.

Horse’s Neck

A long spiral of lemon peel gives the Horse’s Neck its distinctive look and a zesty edge. Bourbon or brandy fills out the frame, buoyed by the effervescence of ginger ale. It’s tradition in a tumbler, elegance without pretense.

Hot Buttered Rum

Cozy up with a Hot Buttered Rum, a hug in a mug that defies the chilliest of nights. A rich blend of dark rum, butter, and warming spices, it’s liquid comfort. Let it snow, let the winds howl; you’ve got a fireside companion in hand. On those nights when you crave something a bit fruitier, our Homemade Gooseberry Jam can be an exquisite complement to your evening indulgence.


Whispering of alpine meadows, the Hugo cocktail is a spritz that sparkles with elderflower and mint. Prosecco lends a festive fizz, a celebration of simplicity and flavor. It’s as refreshing as a cool breeze through the Dolomites, a sip of mountain air.


The Hurricane whips up a storm of passion fruit and rum, a Mardi Gras mainstay that’s as vibrant as the streets of New Orleans. It’s a whirlwind of sweet, sour, and spirit, served in a curvaceous glass that’s as bold as the drink itself. Let the good times roll, and let the Hurricane sweep you away.

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